Andere Goggomobil TS 300 Limousine

18.000 €

Alte Bundesstraße 48,  37120 Niedersachsen - Bovenden
  • Marke Weitere Automarken
  • Kilometerstand 23.344 km
  • Fahrzeugzustand Unbeschädigtes Fahrzeug
  • Erstzulassung Dezember 1958
  • Kraftstoffart Benzin
  • Leistung 15 PS
  • Getriebe Manuell
  • Fahrzeugtyp Kleinwagen
  • Anzahl Türen 2/3
  • Außenfarbe Blau


- Fahrzeugstandort: Bovenden

- One of the most successful microcars of all time
- 293cc version
- Restored in 2021
- Registered in the EU, in Ireland

Founded in 1883 to make agricultural equipment, the company that would become Hans Glas GmbH diversified into motor vehicle manufacturing after WW2, launching the Goggo motor scooter in 1951. Four years later Glas began making the Goggomobil, a two-door micro-car powered by a twin-cylinder two-stroke engine, mounted at the rear, which was available in 247, 296, and 395cc capacities. The body featured two forward-opening doors, while the suspension was independent all round by means of coil springs and swing axles.

Over the succeeding decade the Glas range expanded to encompass a variety of larger models, including a 2.6-litre V8 coupé, but the Goggomobil would prove to be by far its most successful and long-lived product. In excess of 280,000 of all types had been sold up to 30th June 1969 when production ceased, 214,313 being saloons, making the Goggomobil one of the most commercially successful microcars produced in that era.

This car is one of the set of three Goggomobil microcars produced, the Coupé and Dart. This particular car is powered by the 293cc version of Glas's twin-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke engine producing 15hp at 5,000rpm, which was good enough for a top speed of 85km/h (53mph). The car has a four-speeds-plus-reverse gearbox and is said to drive well through all gears. Accompanying documentation consists of an EU registration certificate and an original workshop manual (in German).

ZUBEHÖRANGABEN OHNE GEWÄHR, Änderungen, Zwischenverkauf und Irrtümer vorbehalten!


Hubraum: 293 cm³
Anzahl der Türen: 2/3 Türen
Anzahl Sitzplätze: 4
Schadstoffklasse: --
Umweltplakette: --
Anzahl der Fahrzeughalter: --
HU: --
Farbe: Blau
Farbe (Hersteller): Blau
Innenausstattung: --
Farbe der Innenausstattung: --
Airbags: --
Anhängerkupplung: --

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