2023 F-one Foil Phantom FCT 1480 + 1280 TopzustandGarantie Plane

499 € VB

Versand möglich
48691 Nordrhein-Westfalen - Vreden
  • Art Wassersport
  • Zustand Sehr Gut


Wir reduzieren zum Sommerbeginn unsere f-one Wings und Foils , die derzeit noch am Lager sind

2023/24er F-one Phantom in 1280 und 1480 komplett mit fuselage 74 und Stab 275er surf

Der 1480er ist in einem sehr guten Zustand
Der 1280er ist in einem guten Zustand
Fuselage und Stab sind in einem sehr guten Zustand

Siehe Fotos

Diese Foils sind nur kurz geflogen mit geringen Gebrauchsspuren, siehe aktuelle Fotos

nur noch 579,- für das 1480er

nur noch 499,- für das 1280er

Natürlich mit 24 Monaten Händlergarantie/Gewährleistung,

Versand möglich

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Selbstabholung in 48691 Vreden ist ebenfalls jederzeit möglich.

So beschreibt F-one die neuen Phantom Foils:

The PHANTOM FCT foils offer great balance, accessibility, and versatility, perfect for a wide range of riders. They excel in every aspect, whether it’s providing smooth glide, easy planing starts, or effortless carves through waves.
Thanks to a work on the lift distribution, aspect ratio and shape, these foils allow you to pump easily so you can start planing quickly. The take-off is super smooth and the acceleration progressive, allowing you to confidently improve from one session to the next. Whether you’re wing foiling, surf foiling, or enjoying downwinding, the PHANTOM FCT foils promise performance and fun.

The PHANTOM FCT 1280 is incredibly efficient in waves greater than 1m. It provides a versatile program like the 1480, but with a bit more power. It carves better, goes faster, and can be used in more powerful waves. It is also suitable for lighter riders (< 70 kg).

The PHANTOM FCT 1480 combines efficiency and accessibility. Its lift allows you to glide endlessly while having fun thanks to its incredible maneuverability and stability. It is an ultra-versatile foil that will allow you to surf in waves < 1m50, venture downwind, wing foil, or try yourself at wakefoiling… It does everything well, even in weak conditions.
These foils are built with the Foil Compression Technology, a F-ONE innovation that offers impressive mechanical properties. Our FCT construction has been further improved and refined; these new PHANTOM FCT foils benefit from an additional carbon ply integrated into the construction, hence increasing their resistance and stiffness for even more control and stability.
The fuselage can be directly connected to the F-ONE aluminum mast of the desired length. The setup and disassembly are also extremely easy, and the whole is very travel friendly.
All in all, this tough and ding-resistant technology leads to one of the most accessible and scalable foil setups, all while keeping the DNA of what makes the PHANTOM foils so successful.

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