US-American English Tutor - Let Me Help You!

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76133 Baden-Württemberg - Karlsruhe



I’m US-American and live around Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. I’m offering online and in-person English lessons for all ages and uses. This includes babysitting, tutoring individuals and small groups, and test prep or essay corrections.

(Ich kann übrigens fließend deutsch, falls man nicht so weit in seinem Studium sich befindet!)

I’ve previously tutored women 45+ focusing on business English. This was both written and spoken, with an emphasis on conversational skills.

I‘ve also taught English as a second language while babysitting 4-10 year olds, helped 12-18 years old with homework, and aided friends at university with papers.

Feel free to reach out and we can have a brief meeting to discuss your English language needs :)

Session pricing depends on length (45-90 minutes), type of class (business, babysitting, general English), and place (online or in person).

Just reach out to find out :)

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