Spit City rule set / Elio J Carranza

Gerichtstr. 35,  13347 Berlin - Mitte


This experiential Pen & Paper game is played with pen, paper, and dice. The ruleset is inclusive of queer trans*feminist and crip perspectives. It invites players to world a geography and roleplay their own in-game identity. The possibility of one collective identity with several players is encouraged. The only physical remnant of a playthrough is a sketched map, which captures the players’ decisions on what is traced and how it is recorded. The process assimilates the approach of feminist cartography, which is multidimensional, multiscalar, and anchored in the body. Spit City facilitates the emergence of a queer pleasure-positive ecology, other-than-human intimacies, and a carnal role play experience for 2 to 7 players.

To obtain a copy of the game, a contract must be signed with the artist. The contract states that in exchange, you agree to send the first physical map resulting from a playthrough of the game to the artist. Send a DM through eBay Kleinanzeigen to arrange a date and time to sign/pick up.

Spit City by Elio J Carranza is part of Out of Scale, a free (99%) citywide exhibition by transmediale.

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